Highly flexible
The new multi-touch panel generation


  • Beckhoff multi-touch panel series offers maximum flexibility in a modern design

    The new Beckhoff CP2xxx and CP3xxx Control Panel and Panel PC series feature integrated modern display technology such as multi-touch and widescreen formats. The product development also took into account conventional operating concepts, in order to cover the widest possible range of applications. The result is a highly versatile and modular panel system, leaving little to be desired in terms of format, function, size and model variety.

    In addition to the functionality and productivity of machines, their overall appearance is becoming an increasingly important sales argument. All along, the functionality and productivity of a machine were the primary needs in mind for the CP2xxx and CP3xxx series. Nevertheless, the overall appearance of a machine is becoming an increasingly important sales argument for the machine manufacturers. Therefore, there is a trend developing where modern machines are designed by renowned industrail designers. The HMI panel, as the front end and  "face" of the machine, also has to take account of this trend: a modern operating panel, including the screen interface, becomes a critical distinguishing feature in comparison with competitors' machines. Of course, a modern HMI must offer fast and intuitive operation, i.e. the operating concept must be functional, in order to reduce the setup time, e.g. during a tool change, by enabling fast adjustment of all required parameters. Authorization of the machine operator with the aid of an optional integrated RFID reader, instead of manual PIN input, can speed up the process even further. Yet not only are the design and functionality important, the HMI panel must also be robust and suitable for industrial applications.

    An ideal convergence of answers to all of these demands, the new CP2xxx and CP3xxx Panel PC series, presenting by Beckhoff in November 2011 at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES fair, are an advanced operating concept with multi-touch display and timeless, elegant design. In their execution as cabinet-installed or mounting arm devices, the aluminum and stainless steel housings of the panels are extremely robust and designed for use under harsh industrial conditions. For single-touch users the new panel generation also offers significant benefits due to its optimized price-to-performance ratio: savings of up to 28% when compared with existing devices can be expected.