Beckhoff Advanced Detail

BECKHOFF ADVANCED Training – Motion Control

Target Group: Beckhoff Motion Control course will help the participant to familiarize on how to setup a motion control system manager and programming using TwinCAT motion control library.

(Pre) Knowledge: 
This course is suitable for participant who have basic knowledge in TwinCAT PLC programming. Participant is advised to register for both Basic and Advanced courses if he/she do not have any knowledge in TwinCAT PLC programming.


Specific Contents:

  • Overview of system manager
  • Restarting  of system manager
  • Insertion of an axis?
  • Manually enabling of Ctrl, Feed Fwd and Feed Bwd?
  • Starting a simple TwinCAT Motion PLC control program?
  • Communication between PLC and NC?
  • Creating global variables for motion control program?
  • Linking the PLC global variables with axis?
  • Using motion control library?
  • Enabling of motor
  • Moving of axis
  • Displaying of axis actual position
  • Developing a simple motion control program to move axis continuously
  • Using sampling trace for motion control
  • Scaling factor and reference velocity for linear servo, circular servo and stepper motor