Beckhoff Basic Detail

BECKHOFF BASIC Training – TwinCAT Basic

Target Group: This course will help the participants to familiarise on how to configure Beckhoff hardware for simple application and how to write a simple TwinCAT programs using different types of programming languages.

(Pre) Knowledge: The course is designed for participants who have basic knowledge in logic programming but donate have any knowledge in TwinCAT PLC programming.

Specific Contents:

  • Introduction of the benefits using Beckhoff TwinCAT
  • Overview of system manger
  • Variables declaration
  • Creating a Simple System Manager
    i)    Hardware configuration
    ii)   Append IEC project
    iii)  Linking variable
    iv)  Restarting system manager
  • Using sampling trace
  • Creating a Simple PLC Control Program
    i)    Creating global and local variables
    ii)   Creating a program using Function Block (FB), Sequential Flow Chart (SFC),Structure Text (ST) and simple function
  • Differences between Fucntion and Function Block
  • Simulation of program without hardware