Industrial Automation
GE PLC Control Systems

Emerson high-performance automation solutions make the Industrial Internet real by connecting your machines, data, insights, and people. Emerson Industrial Internet Control Systems provide greater flexibility, increased productivity, less risk, and lower costs by:

  • Moving machine data to the enterprise level
  • Visualizing and running processes with state-of-the-art operator interfaces
  • Keeping mission critical systems up and running
  • Leveraging the latest functional and process safety systems
GE Industrial Computers

Industrial Computers

Connecting machines, data and people to the Industrial Internet requires high-performance computing technology that is fast, rugged, flexible and upgradable. Emerson’s family of IPCs improve real-time control of operations and better integrate into plant-wide systems, resulting in increased uptime, enhanced productivity, and lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Match IPC power, price, performance, and optional preloaded software to your specific needs.

GE Operator Interfaces Operator Interfaces

Emerson operator interfaces provide new levels of productivity, insight, flexibility, and user experience. The result is quicker, smarter decisions based on real-time visualization.

GE Panel PC & Monitor Panel PC & Monitors

Emerson’s flexible and reliable panel PCs and monitors seamlessly connect machine data to the operator level, delivering actionable data and insight to improve operations and boost productivity.


The Movicon.NExT™ project has been designed to overcome the limited use of traditional SCADA/MES/HMI technologies. Based on modern technological solution innovations, Movicon.NExT™ creates the basis for long-term investment without needing to compromise.


  • Openness: Based on the concepts of “Plug-In”, it allows maximum interoperability with the system, so much so that it can integrate new functional modules into the Progea Framework, fully customizing its own .NET solutions.
  • Scalability: Designed to ensure maximum scalability, and allows you to use a single configuration environment for modular solutions in a simple and flexible way.
  • Fast Engineering: Faster development times aided by powerful wizards, symbol libraries and toolboxes.
  • Conforms to standards: Software technology conforms to standards for its openness and reliability.
  • Maximum Security: Security is ensured while managing data between Server and Client and in the User and Password management by using various authentication models.
  • Connectivity: Based on OPC UA technology to ensure maximum native connectivity to any OPC UA-based device or application to offer unmatched safety and performance.

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Movicon WebHMI

Movicon WebHMI is the solution to use for running Movicon.NExT projects with Web technology that is hardware independent and offers both I/O Servers and Web Servers for scalable and powerful HMI visualization.

  • Connectivity: Includes the Connext I/O Data Server which allows connectivity to all PLCs using OPC UA. It is also open to connections to any other OPC UA Server.
  • Scalable: WebHMI projects are created with Movicon.NExT that features to the target destination.
  • Cross-Platform: WebHMI is also a cross-platform and hardware independent solution that supports Linux and Windows.
  • Conforms to standards: The Movicon WebHMI software technology conforms to standards for its openness and reliability.
  • Maximum Security: Security is ensured both while managing data between Client and Server as well as in the User and Password management by using various authentication models.
  • Web based: Totally web-based and uses both the HTML5 and SVG technology. Graphics rendering is managed in the browser on Web Client side.

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  Pro.Lean™ Lean Manufacturing System

By deploying Pro.Lean© you will be able to communicate with any field system or device, collect and record data on database to analyse the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), calculate the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and measure Downtimes with the aim to reduce loss and maximize profits.

  • Simple, fast and cost effective: It is an all-inclusive and ready-to-use software solution that comes equipped with installation wizards for creating projects with a SQL Server calculation database, dashboards and production analysis reports.
  • Connectivity and Data Acquisition: The Pro.Lean© architecture uses the Movicon connectivity technology that allows you to connect to any automation device installed on the production line or machine
  • Openness and Integration: Pro.Lean© is a Movicon.NExT functional module offering maximum openness to integrate with plant layout supervision functions, detailed machine data, alarms and notifications, and normal to complex production data analysis management with production data and energy consumption cross-referencing.
  • Open and customizable OEE, KPI and Downtime Analysis Modules: Simple and effective solutions to measure production data that are practical, quick and open.

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  Pro.Energy™ Energy Management System

Implementing energy management systems is even more important than ever in today’s world to help reach goals to become more efficient and reduce energy consumption that take up a large percentage of company running and building management costs. Pro.Energy© aids Energy Managers and users in analyzing company consumption in order to manage energy more efficiently through valid decision-making strategies.

  • Simple, fast and cost-effective: Pro.Energy© is designed for simplicity and speed. It is an all-inclusive software with ready-to-use functions and features.
  • Connectivity and Data Acquisition: The Pro.Energy© architecture integrates the Movicon connectivity technology allowing you to connect to any measuring device, network analyzer, multimeter, counter, PLC and others.
  • Openness and Integration: Pro.Energy© is a Movicon.NExT functional module offering you the maximum openness to supervision, alarm and notification, and control logic for energy load unlatching, client modular architecture, server and web access integration.

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