PSR Series

The PSR (Pancake Speed Reducer) is a sophisticatedly designed pancake type ultrathin differential speed reducer. Two high-reliability trochoid gears are placed oppositely inside a roller placed on the circumference to form a robust, elaborate ultrathin reducer. Power is outputted by means of an artful pin-and-hole mechanism and a cross-roller bearing support.


  • Ultra-flat and compact
  • High rigidity
  • Small backlash
  • Maintenance-free
  • High precision
  • High efficiency
  • Easy-to-mount motor

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RGU Series

Non-backlash reduction unit, Circular arc Cam Ring Unit (RGU) can be used in any size and angle, space-saving, simplification of layout           and cost down. It can be used in larger diameters and hollows than full rings by connecting circular arc rings.


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