Mitsubishi Factory Automation
Mitsubishi Programmable Controller Programmable Controllers MELSEC

The MELSEC Series takes control to the next level.
MELSEC Series PLCs always meet your system demands and more, with something to offer for any prospective control system.
Enhanced solutions are realized by a wide lineup of PLCs and network systems.

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Mitsubishi Motion Controller Motion Controllers

Total system performance, not individual component specifications leads to maximum performance.
Servo system controllers are control devices that achieve high speed and high accuracy drive control for each industrial machine.
Various Motion controllers, Simple Motion modules (Positioning modules) are lined up. Suitable module can be selected for system requested.

Mitsubishi AC Servo AC Servos – MELSERVO

Mitsubishi Servo System – advanced and flexible.
Mitsubishi servo has a variety kind of motors (Rotary, linear and direct drive motors) in order to achieve the best machine performance.

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Mitsubishi Inverter Inverters – FREQROL

A diverse product range helps make you the right product choice.
Day by day, in heavy industrial use, our frequency inverters prove their high levels of cost-effectiveness, reliability, functionality, and flexibility.

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Mitsubishi HMI Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) – GOT 

The GOT offers art of design and manufacturing to the world.
A wide variety of lineup meets the needs of production sites.
The GOT boasts advanced functionality, acts as a seamless gateway to other industrial automation devices, all while increasing productivity and efficiency.

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