Active Compliance Force Device

The AFD310 is one of PushCorp’s Next Generation Active Compliance products, which utilizes the most cutting edge technology available on the market today. The                 internal components have been totally redesigned to increase the dynamic response of the tool as well as to reduce the lead times on new builds and repairs.                          Additionally,   the brand new FCUFLEX contoller gives a wide range of control options to make it easier than ever to interface with your PLC, robot controller, or personal        computer.

 The PushCorp AFD310 Series Active Compliance Force Devices utilizes an advanced closed-loop force control technology. Using this patented technology,                                the AFD310 Series provides incredibly accurate performance. This superior performance is immediately realized through greatly increased production rates with                      consistent, high-quality results.

 The AFD310 Series is available in two configurations: AFD310-1 Vertical and the AFD310-2 Horizontal. The units are functionally identical, but differ in the orientation with    which they attach to the robot, either vertically or horizontally. This allows you to optimize robot reach and dexterity for your particular application.

 Here are just a few operations the AFD310 Series, matched with the proper process equipment, can accomplish faster, more accurately, and with greater control than ever before:


  • Quick setup
  • Consistent force regardless of orientation
  • Automatic acceleration compensation
  • Automatic payload weight measurement
  • Force can be varied based on slide position
  • 70 lb [310 N] maximum compliant force
  • 0.8 in [20 mm] Linear compliant stroke
  • Fast mechanical response
  • All fittings, fasteners, and threaded holes are METRIC