Electrical installation in low protection classes

Comprehensive plug & play installation plug-in connector system

  • 70% time saving and 30% cost saving due to pluggability
  • Flexibly extendable thanks to pre-assembld cables
  • Safety with color and mechanical coding

gesis® NRG

Energy and data bus lines in buildings

Flat cable for energy distribution and lighting control

  • No baring, stripping or wiring of the cables necessary
  • 30% lower installation costs
  • Penetration contacting for continuous contact quality


Smart Home installation

Decentralized room automation made modular, compact and pluggable

  • Easy planning – streamlined structures
  • Flexible room configuration
  • Fits into any installation space (wall, floor, ceiling)
  • Larger useful area thanks to smaller plant rooms

gesis® RAN

Customer-specific system distributor

Diverse range of applications to suit your requirements – from the smallest distributor to smart room automation, load and measurement distributors through to distributors in harsh environmental conditions

  • KNX interface for components from third-party manufacturers
  • Modular and pluggable
  • Maximum flexibility


RST® connector system with high IP protection

RST® round connectors offer maximum reliability with protection up to IP69

  • Ideal for robust applications
  • With pre-assembly and flexible extension at any time
  • Color + mechanical coding, with locking mechanism as well


Energy bus system for machines + systems

70% time-saving with a decentralized energy distribution

  • Saving time and money – no baring and stripping necessary
  • Flexible installation system reduced modification demand by more than 80%
  • Permanently high contact quality with copper displacement contacts


Reliable power supplies and power packs

Efficient and reliable power supplies are the basis for all machines and systems

  • Worldwide application possible
  • Durable in harsh environments
  • Active monitoring


Industrial network communication

Switches, routers, gateways and a dedicated Cloud guarantee data exchange and perfect network communication all over the world

  • High network availability
  • Flexible VPN complete solutions
  • Dedicated Cloud solution with dashboard

samos® PRO, sensor PRO, safe RELAY

Safety technology in mechanical engineering

Solutions for machine and system safety

  • Compact safety controllers with license-free programming software samos® PLAN 6
  • Safety sensors
  • Powerful safety modules
  • Safety relays for all safety functions


PCB terminals and plug connectors

Comprehensive portfolio – both service-friendly connectors and PCB terminals

  • No Flame in accordance with DIN EN/IEC 60335-1
  • RoHS-compliant in accordance with the EU Directive
  • Tape-on-Reel – packed in the belt


Modular + robust industrial connectors

Industrial connectors for safe distribution of power and signals

  • Specially designed for use in particularly harsh environments
  • Tin, silver, or gold contacts for optimum contact quality
  • Maximum flexibility with connections and applications

fasis + selos

Space-saving terminal blocks

Terminal blocks with screw, tension spring, or smart push-in connection offer the optimal solution for industrial applications in confined spaces

  • Vibration-safe and maintenance-free terminal
  • Saves time and reduces wiring and inventory costs
  • Online terminal block configurator